About Valarie F. Walton

Valarie Walton is a native of California. Throughout her life she has always had a passion for physical competition. Why compete unless you are going for ‘Gold”. From Cheerleading, Track and Field through to Team sports at a high level Valarie has always strived for excellence. Serving in the United States Air Force and working for the US Department of Defence and National Security Agency has instilled in Valarie a strong affliction for military precision and mission objectives.

On the journey to compete professionally Valarie has searched out knowledge on training herself to the highest standard. This search has brought her into contact with numerous training, strength and weight loss mentors who operate at the Olympic level. Valarie is now in a phase of her career to impart this information to others who are also striving to be the best physically. She is well known for producing faster, stronger and leaner athletes. When someone wants to go for gold – from competition to weight loss they come to Valarie.

Valarie has been hailed as one of the most successful fitness professionals in the area. She has spent years researching US and European journals and speaking to other fitness professionals and scientists in her quest to optimize training methods. She has perfected the art of writing routines that produce results, and her sessions and courses are the culmination of her theories and knowledge.

Theoretical Background:

  • Youth Fitness Specialist Level I
  • HS Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Bachelor of Arts, English (Communications) University of Maryland
  • CCAF
  • US Air force Intelligence Courses (Honors Graduate)
  • Certificate III Fitness Instructor FIA
  • Certificate III Group Instructor FIA
  • Certificate IV Personal Trainer
  • Poliquin International Certification Program Level 1
  • Poliquin International Certification Program Biosignature Profiles
  • Poliquin International Certification Program Intensive Leg Training Level 2


Adult Functional Training
Monday 11AM - 1PM
Wednesday 11AM - 1PM
Friday 11AM - 1PM
Body Flow
Friday 9AM - 10AM
One on One Personal Training
Monday 9AM - 10AM